Upcoming Events

April 15 - April 25

Visit the Full Embodiment of the Horn of Plenty

April 15   Opening night! Drink wine from the Horn and let thine excess flow. Experience the divine satyr Jasiu fill your mouth with merriment. 6-8PM  
April 18 Eve Orenstein, Kathleen Flynn, and Robyn Chew perform "Ah que j'aime les militaires" from Offenbach's Grand Duchesse of Gerolstein 7PM
April 20 The Water  
Open Satsang, Group Chanting and Meditation followed by an interactive sound piece. Give offerings to the Horn and take part in its bounty. 4PM
April 21 Memories Forever 7PM
Rachel Mason sings her 27 Songs to the Horn 6PM
April 22 Beware of the charms of Kiote Thunder, pow-wow and magical flute 1:30PM
Jezibell and Kyklos ton Asterion Coven, Earth Day Wiccan ritual 2PM
Lisa Kirk's Feast for the Decadent 4:30PM
April 25 Tomomi's bellydancing harem 6PM
NY Mythology Meet-up 6:30PM

April 26 - May 4

Get Entangled with Cornrow Hairbraid

April 26 Mr. Pussy and Cornrow work it out! 2-5PM
April 27 Kenric performs Reiki on Cornrow's body 4-6PM
    Cornrow poses for Open Figure Drawing hosted by the New York Figure Drawing Meetup 6pm
April 28 Jazz Mane, It's Friday! Come in and have your hair cornrowed, just in time for the party! 12-6PM
April 29 Open Modern Dance Class with Heloise & the Savoir-Faire dancers 4-6PM
    Celebrate International Dance Day & Cornrow's Birthday! with DJ Ezra and more... Born to Dance! 6PM
May 2 Johnny Misheff and Andrew Strasser present "An Evening with Cronrow, Simple, Elegant, Mysterious"
May 3 A Conversation with Garite the Mime
Anyone for a game of Twister?
May 4 Cornrow moves to the jazzy sounds of Martin Hundley's Saxophone 3PM

May 5 - May 13

Witness the Sacred Polyhedra

May 5 Artist's Statement Workshop with Tim Davis, Minister of Succinct Effusion. Artists, gallerists, gofers welcome. Please bring slides or jpegs. A Viable artist's statement will be crafted in 15 minutes!
May 6 Re-enact your dreams with Soul Dreamers' Dream Theatre 1PM
  Mirror Mirror's Society for the Advancement of Inflammatory Consciousness 4-5PM
May 10 New York Astrology Meet-up 6:30PM
May 11 The Whirling Dervish Mohamed Shahin finds oneness with divinity 4PM
  From Her to Eternity, performance by Jen Denike 6PM
  Mike Egan, Slide Show #2
May 12 Tarot readings by Lady Morgana 5-8PM
May 13 David Quinn's Tableau Vivant 12-6PM on the hour